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The Academy and our Colleges

Sisekaitseakadeemia üldvaadeThe Academy is made up of the Police and Border Guard College, the Rescue College, the Financial College and the College of Justice all of which are located in Tallinn on the same campus together with student housing, boarding and recreation facilities.

As of the year 2004, the Police School providing vocational training on the basis of secondary education which is located in Paikuse, the Rescue School located in Väike-Maarja and the Border Guard School belonging to the Border Guard College in Muraste joined the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences.  As of February 2010 the Border Guard College and Police College were merged and as a  result two new Schools were formed: the Police and Border Guard College Paikuse School (formerly known as the Police School located in Paikuse) and the Police and Border Guard College Muraste School (formerly known as the Border Guard College located in Muraste).

Enrollment at the Academy includes approximately 1400 students, 1000 of them on the level of professional higher education and 400 in vocational education.

All the curricula have been accredited, upon teaching and compilation of the curricula, all the requirements and trends in the international landscape of education are followed, including the requirements pursuant to the Bologna Process of the European Union.

The Academy has close working relationships with many other foreign institutions of higher education, the students and the lecturers have an opportunity to study or teach abroad in the framework of either ERASMUS or other exchange programmes.

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