The Financial College of EASS

Future tax and customs officials receive their education at the Financial College of the Academy of Security Sciences. Teaching of the specialty of Customs at the Academy of Security Sciences began in 1996; in 2002, the specialty of taxation was added. The Financial College received its present name in the year 2003 and since 2004, professional higher education in the specialty of taxation and customs is provided in the College.

Development of the curriculum
Development of the new curriculum of the Financial College began in 2005–2006 in the framework of the PHARE project “Assistance to the Public Service Academy (PSA) to develop the taxation training curriculum“. Further development of the curriculum has taken place in cooperation with the Tax and Customs Board to ensure the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for the success and development of the graduates in the financial sphere of both the private and public sectors. Today’s training of tax and customs officers at the Academy meets all European Union standards.

Quality of the curriculum
In 2010, the Accreditation Center of the Estonian Higher Education Quality Agency approved of the quality and sustainability of the curriculum of Tax and Customs as well as of the required resources and granted an education license for the curriculum for an indefinite period. The work group stated that the curriculum has been professionally formulated; the organization of the internship is well structured, takes into account the target group and involves both students and employers’ representatives in the development of the curriculum.

Graduates of the Financial College may be employed in the areas of both taxation and customs in the Tax and Customs Board or in the private sector in Estonia and abroad.

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