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The Rescue College of EASS

The Rescue College of the Academy of Security Sciences together with the Rescue School located in Väike-Maarja, provides a thorough preparation for a future rescue worker on the curricula of both vocational and higher education.

Higher education
In professional higher education on the specialty of rescue service, the curriculum of which lasts four years, the student acquires the knowledge of rescue management, crisis management, monitoring of fire safety and prevention in the field of rescue work. Great emphasis in professional higher education is placed on studying engineering related subjects. Those acquiring higher education in the specialty of rescue service are able to work in the Rescue Service Agency in the field of fire safety supervision, crisis management and operational service, or in an Alarm Center.

Partners in Estonia and foreign countries
The foreign partners of the Rescue College are the Emergency Services College of Kuopio, Finland and the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw, Poland. Similarly, cooperation is conducted with the schools providing rescue training in Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Within Estonia, good interaction has been developed with the Rescue Board, the Regional Rescue Centers, Alarm Centers, Exposal Ordnance Disposal Center and Tallinn University of Technology.

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