Substantive preparations for the creation of EOD specialists’ training programme in Ukraine have started

This week Ukrainian delegation visits Estonia in order to start substantive preparations for the project  that is carried out by the experts of the Academy and the Estonian Rescue Board, and funded by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a result of the project, engineering and EOD works’ department will start operating at Lviv State University of Life Safety. The cooperation project involves creating a humanitarian demining related training system and different training sessions.

Substantive preparations for the creation of EOD specialists’ training programme in Ukraine have startedThe delegation visiting Estonia includes Oleh Bondar, head of the area of humanitarian demining,  State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Victor Kovalchuk, deputy head of the department of engineering technical properties and humanitarian demining of the Lviv State University of Life Safety, Volodymyr Nikitchyn, lecturer of the same department, Ihor Chuvakov, deputy head of the rapid response unit and Yurii Khomyshak, group leader of the same unit’s EOD division.

The visit marks the beginning of substantial work and the preparation of training sessions. The first meetings were held in Väike-Maarja, at the Rescue School of the Rescue College of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, where the visitors were shown both the college and the learning environment. There were longer discussions held about the curriculum and the organisation of the pilot course. In order to get a better picture of Estonia’s practice and experience, the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Centre was visited. Our guests met with the EOD specialists and chemical and radiation safety specialists of the West- and North-Estonia’s bomb squads. 

On 2 November the project team also visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to give an overview of the activities already carried out in the course of the project and to introduce the future activity plan. As a result of the visit, both parties have agreed on what the curriculum of the Lviv State University of Life Safety could be and when would the pilot course be carried out in Estonia.  

Professional standards for EOD specialists were first affirmed in Estonia in 2012 and these are used when describing the job of the EOD specialists and when acknowledging them internationally. Upon carrying out the project, special attention is drawn to the application of international standards of humanitarian demining also in the units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

Estonian Academy of Security Sciences is an institution of higher institution belonging in the area of government under the Estonian Ministry of the Interior. The EASS trains specialists for the area of internal security (incl. police and border guard, rescue, justice, tax and customs systems) on the vocational, higher education and also master’s level. There is also research and development carried out in the abovementioned areas. Specialists who already work, are offered in service training.


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