Transition from half a century’s totalitarian Soviet occupation back to a commonwealth of democratic societies is a success story for the Estonian people and also for the EASS. Ongoing value changes and increased professionalism, based on democratic methods of work within the public service, have played an important role both in achieving membership in NATO and acceptance in the EU.

Educating more than 2200 officials and civil servants, the Academy has served its significant obligations for Estonian transition since 1992 back into the European community. Academy graduates, employed as senior and top-ranked civil servants, have engaged themselves with a respectable goal – to serve people according to the highest professional standards in cooperation with European institutions of internal security and law enforcement. There is increasing number of EU-funded projects for development of professional training methods and learning environment work in progress at the EASS. The latest developments in the area of joint international training in use of various ICT-based exercises could be characterized as an example of the project Safe and Secure – Innovation in Law Enforcement Education (2007–2010), granted under the specific program for “Prevention, Preparedness and Consequence Management of Terrorism and other Security related Risks” by European Commission DG Justice, Freedom and Security.

Cooperation and exchange of best practices with universities and other educational institutions abroad have always been highly valued by the Academy’s staff, professors and students. As a member of European Police College (CEPOL) and Association of European Police Colleges (AEPC) as well other professional agencies and networks, the EASS is an active partner of the European police education process, incl. development of European common curriculum on policing, and also on border guard service in cooperation withFRONTEX. The EASS is also an active member of ERASMUS, chartered since 2005, as well CEPOL/AGIS exchange program. For more sustainable further professional development the Academy has cooperation relationships with EIPA (European Institute of Public Administration).

The EASS has become one of the promoters of international aid and assistance. Assistance by training of civil servants, police officers, rescue and correction’s specialists from the former soviet countries of Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Tajikistan in cooperation with UN (UNOMIG), SIDA, NDI, OSCE and other foreign partners as well as in cooperation with different Estonian ministries, became one of the top-priorities of the Academy’s efforts to enhance security and stability throughout Europe and its neighboring (ENP) countries. The most important international development and aid programs managed and coordinated by the EASS are the Georgian Police Training Development Project (since 2005), and IHP Camp Managers Course under co-funding by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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