The Language Centre

The lecturers of the Language Centre of the Academy of Security Sciences create opportunities for students, as future civil servants, for acquisition of the official language and of foreign languages necessary for professional communication.

Learning environment
A precondition for effective language learning is a motivating learning environment: classrooms equipped with modern teaching devices, teaching aids needed for language learning and a faculty with professional education and long-term language teaching experience. The teachers create a relaxed and a creative atmosphere in the classroom, are attentive to students’ individual needs and support and encourage them. The educational materials and the methods of active learning of the language courses support each student’s individual linguistic development, including the development of creativity and analytical ability. Constructive criticism received from the students’ feedback forms the basis for designing new language courses.

The activities of the lecturers of the Language Centre are characterized by the keywords:

  • OPENNESS and

The motto of the teaching staff of the Language Centre is the concept by K. G Jung, according to which: “Having free will means to find joy in doing what you have to do


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