Master's Studies

The Master’s Studies of Internal Security is a practical oriented, outcome-based education, which allows professional and personal development and supports lifelong learning for officials in the field of internal security.

The Master’s program of Internal Security is unique in Estonia in its multidisciplinary nature and one of the few in Europe. The training program covers topics across the field of internal security, addressing, inter alia, actual topics of police, border guard, rescue service, prisons, customs and immigration.

The objective of the studies is to enable students to deepen professional knowledge, but also to expand the scientific research base in the area of internal security.

The Academy of Security Sciences complies with internationally recognized master’s thesis research quality, but also provides operational information to the authorities in the field of strategic planning and development activities.

Learning and training process

Learning processes for the students of the Master’s program are supported and guided by the recognized faculty of the Academy of Security Sciences, several professors from other universities in Estonia and from the partners of the Academy of Security Sciences in foreign countries. It follows that learning takes place in both Estonian and English. The training process includes a significant volume of top internal security professionals who, in addition to the knowledge based competencies offered by the Academy of Security Sciences, will increase the quality of the content of teaching with authentic applied experiences.

Increasing International Dimension

For the purpose of development of the Curriculum and increasing its international dimension in the range of 2010–2013, activities of the European Social Fund-supported project Knowledge-driven Security will be taking place. In the course of the project, an international curriculum for an elective module was created, in the framework of which, within 3 months, a series of open lectures and lecture series in cooperation with external partners and experts of the field will take place. The International elective module was conducted in English and enables the mobility of teachers and students.


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