R&D Activities

Estonian Academy of Security Sciences is oriented to excellent applied research and development activities of Internal Security and Law Enforcement related subjects as effective contemporary policing and border management, criminology, criminalistics, rescue and crisis management, tax and customs provisions, prison and probation service as well as modernization achievements and challenges of civil service.

There is an Institute of Internal Security under Vice–Rector of Research and Development coordinating different applied research initiatives and Master Studies of Internal Security at the Academy. There are various research groups as Europeanization of Internal Security and Law Enforcement Education, Effective Fire Prevention, Contemporary Methods of Criminalistics and Crime Investigation, Effective Regulations on Public Service, Migration Influences to Internal Security and others, organized to offer science–based knowledge and understanding for developments of sustainable security and stability for citizens and society both for Estonia, European Union (EU) and international organizations.

Research and Development activities at the Academy involve also Innovative Learning Technologies using Virtual Training Exercises as contemporary tools for joint instruction and evaluation of crisis management command and control both on operational and strategic level. Finding new ways of training improvement in help with correspondent scientific research has special role to play among new challenges of training and instruction quality developed at Estonian Academy of Security Sciences to successfully meet new opportunities of global networking and cooperation. All valuable research findings are published in Annual Proceedings of Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, which is peer–reviewed scientific journal with international editorial board.

The Academy as centre of excellence of Internal Security in Estonia has number of valuable research and development cooperation relations with well–known EU Agencies as CEPOL and FRONTEX as well networks and European-wide cooperation bodies as EFSCA, EURASHE, NISPAcee, The Baltic University Network and others.

The most important scientific event during academic year for Academy is Annual International Internal Security and Law Enforcement Conference in series of “Knowledge Intensive Security” held in November every year in Tallinn where high-level scientists and security experts both from Estonia and abroad sharing their new discoveries and discussing about innovative views of current developments and future trends on societal security affairs.

If you are interested to cooperate with us, please do not hesitate to contact with Vice–Rector of Research and Development or our Institute of Internal Security.

Your cooperation and contribution would be very welcome and valuable for us!


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