Rector of EASS Marek Link signed the cooperation contract for the DRIVER+ training module contact point

Signing of the cooperation contract for the DRIVER+ training module contact point

Rector of EASS Marek Link signed the cooperation contract for the DRIVER+ training module contact point

On Tuesday, 18 February, rector Marek Link and the DRIVER+ project manager Dr. M.P.W. van Berlo signed the cooperation agreement to establish the training module contact point at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences (EASS).

“Yesterday, we signed a cooperation agreement with the DRIVER+ project consortium providing that the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences will be the contact point allowing to find and test current and new innovative solutions for crisis prevention and management as well as consequence management,” the rector of EASS Marek Link said. The establishment of the contact point at EASS is a part of a more extensive ambition to create a Pan-European network of centres for expertise in the area of crisis management.

DRIVER+ is a crisis management innovation project bringing together the practitioners of crisis management, researchers, public officials and technology experts all over Europe. The aim of DRIVER+ is to assess the current and new possible innovative solutions in the crisis management sector before they are taken into use. New innovative solutions will be tested via trials to assess their effectiveness.

The aim of the training module is to teach how to conduct the trials and assess the new innovative solutions while also implementing the other results of the project.

The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences has participated in the project since 2017 and was also one of the creators of the training module. With the current agreement, the Academy assumes the right to train other crisis management practitioners all over Europe. In other words, EASS will be the Pan-European contact for organisations who wish to participate in the training module and start conducting their own trials. Together with various other centres of expertise, there will be a Pan-European network with the aim of maintaining and updating the DRIVER+ output.

The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences operating in the area of responsibility of the Ministry of the Interior is unique in the whole world as the instruction of all internal security specialities are brought together into one institution. The Academy instructs specialists of internal security on the vocational, professional higher education and Master’s level. It also provides continuing training as well as research and development work in the areas relevant to the development of internal security. Professional education is provided by the Rescue College, Financial College, the College of Justice and the Police and Border Guard College, while Master’s studies are provided by the Internal Security Institute. The Academy’s vision is to be the best internal security training and research centre in Europe by 2025.

The given training module is available on Moodle and accessible by everyone when searching for “DRIVER+ Training Module”.

For further information, please contact the head of the Department of International Relations and Development Kaisa Kägu (kaisa.kagu [at]