About the Journal


Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences is a non-profit academic journal that publishes well-documented and analysed studies on the full range of contemprary security issues, especially internal security and law enforcement related topics.

The journal is a peer-reviewed  academic journal, that appears once a year. The language of the contributions is English. Before publication, each submitted paper is subject to a double-blind peer review by two independent experts.  The Editorial Board accepts articles throughout the year; however Call for Proposals is announced usually in March and the journal is published in November.



Proceedings are referenced by Central & Eastern European Academic Source (EBSCO). According to the classificators of the Estonian Research Information System (ETIS), the Proceedings is classified as 1.2.

Contents of the previous Proceedings (including English summaries) are available online on the e-library   here.

The manuscripts shall be submitted electronically to teadusinfo at sisekaitse dot ee. Guidelines for submission can be found here 

Next submission date for manuscripts is extended to 1st of June 2017 and articles are expected by the 1st September 2017! You may find the Call for Papers here.


Editorial Policy

The Proceedings considers manuscripts on the following conditions:

  • The submitted manuscript is an originaal work in the field and does not duplicate any ohter previously published work.
  • The manuscript has been submitted only to Proceedings and is not under consideration for peer-review or has not been accepted for any ohter publication at the same time and has not already been published.
  • The manuscript contains nothing that is morally binding, discriminating or illegaal.

By submitting your manuscript you are also agreeing to the necessary originality checks your work may have to undergo during the peer-review, editorial and publishing processes.

All reasonable claims to co-authorship must be clearly named in the manuscript. The corresponding author must be authorized by all co-authors to act on their behalf in all matters pertaining to the publication process. The order of names should be agreed upon in advance of submission by all authors.

The author must follow the Harvard style of referencing and supply all details by any funding and grant-awarding bodies if appropriate. Authors must also incoroprate a statement which will acknowlede any financial internest or benefit they have arising from the direct applications of their submitted study. For all manuscripts a non-discriminatory approach in language usage is mandatory.

When using wording which has been or is asserted to be a proprietary term or trademark, the Author must use the symbol ® or TM. There is no submission fee for Proceedings. Fees for Author(s) are exceptional and an object for separaate negotiations and agreements. If you wish to include any mateerial in which you do not hold copyright, you must obtain written permission from the copyright owner prior to manuscript submission. 



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