Innovation Day

For already eight years  we have organised an innovation day, which aims to introduce the results of the applied researches conducted at the Academy and new security-related solutions. There is also an innovation competition in which both students and lecturers can take part. The Academy supports the best ideas and helps to execute them. For example, “Language Robot”, a speech recognition based learning environment for practising professional language, which was also first introduced at an innovation day, received an award for the best language development project in Estonia in 2012, and a year later it was declared to be Estonia’s best language learning project of the decade. In 2016, the innovation competition was won by a project called “Fire Safety is no Longer Rocket Science” that was implemented by the students and lecturers of the Rescue College. 

In 2018  year’s subtopic was “Man or Machine?”, and throughout the day we seeked answers to the question of what is the balance between technological improvement and human capabilities? 

Key elements of the programme:

  • Officials’ physical and mental capabilities in the 21st century.
  • Unique fire resistance test for timber buildings – who won, fire or the building?
  • Opening of the best practice border in Europe and a demonstration exercise.
  • The past, present and future of unmanned vehicles.
  • Implementation of geoinformatics in internal security, GeoSKA project.
  • Top 10 technology news from 2017.
  • Digital Safety Duel.