Learning agreement


Here is some additional information on signining and changing your Learning Agreement: 


  • Before starting your studies at EASS it is obligatory to sign a learning agreement, which will guarantee the suitability of the subjects taken at the host-university. We are accepting Online Learning Agreements (OLA).



  • It is strongly advised to take at least 20 ECTS per semester at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences. As EASS is co-operating with TTK University of Applied Sciences and the Tallinn Health Care College, all students are allowed to take 1-2 subjects from our partners. The ECTS taken there are fully recognized as part of your studies at EASS and reflected on a separate Transcript of Records from the pertinent institution.;


  • The learning agreement along with annexes must match the transcript of records of the studies completed abroad, i.e. the planned and the actual list of subjects must match;


  • Cancelling or adding subjects in the learning agreement: if the student wishes to cancel participation or add subjects in (a) subject(s) specified in the original learning agreement: the student draws up the changes (in LA "During") to the original proposed learning agreement, excluding a subject from the agreement and coordinating the changes to the original proposed learning agreement as described above. NB! If you want to cancel subjects specified in the original learning agreement, you do not need to submit any additional study plan.


  • Overlaps in the schedule may occur. In case of an overlapping schedule, you may have to change your Learning Agreement.


  • Please note that there are two options of evaluation of the learning outcome: graded/differential (in Estonian: hindeline arvestus/eksam (eristav hindamine)) or not graded/non-differential (in Estonian: arvestus (mitteeristav hindamine)). For non-graded assessment the final grade shall be determined by a threshold; the student will not be given a grade; when learning outcomes of a student comply with or exceed the threshold, the assessment shall be indicated as adequate – A (passed), or, in case the student’s learning outcomes fail to comply with the threshold, the assessment shall be indicated as inadequate – MA (fail).


How to fill Learning Agreement:


  • Fill out all the compulsory fields about yourself, your home university and EASS (registered under our Estonian name: Sisekaitseakadeemia). Erasmus code: EE TALLINN10


  • The responsible person for signing the LA at EASS is the Foreign Relations Coordinator Eleny Aalde (eleny.aalde [at] sisekaitse.ee).


  • Please check with your university who is the responsible person for signing at your university.


  • Following the approved study plan, mark down the courses you want to take in Table A about the proposed mobility programme. Add the courses that will be recognised at your home institution in Table B.


  • When you filled out OLA and once you have signed it, the responsible person at your home university receives an automatic notification via email to verify and sign the learning agreement, after which the Erasmus coordinator at our university receives an automatic notification via email to verify and sign the OLA.


NB! Online Learning Agreement is only available for students arriving within the Erasmus+ mobility within the programme countries. Students arriving within the Erasmus+ ICM programme have to submit their Learning Agreement by filling out and scanning the paper version

Next application period will be March 2025.