Internationalization at the Academy

Transition from half a century’s totalitarian Soviet occupation back to a commonwealth of democratic societies is a success story for the Estonian people and also for the EASS. Continuous value-related changes and increased professionalism, based on democratic methods of work within the public service, have played an important role both in achieving NATO membership and the accession to the EU. 


Since 1992, the Academy has contributed a lot into Estonia rebecoming a European community. Graduates of the Academy, employed as senior and top level civil servants, have engaged themselves with a respectable goal – to serve people according to the highest professional standards, and in cooperation with European institutions of internal security and law enforcement. There is an increasing number of professional training methods and learning environment related EU-funded projects in progress at the EASS.  

Cooperation and the exchange of best practices with universities and other educational institutions abroad have always been highly valued by the Academy’s staff and students 

Internationalisation is mainly seen as a trigger for change and development, but it is also a trend setter that helps increase the quality of the services the EASS provides. Internationalisation is a tool to respond to the changes in external environments that also helps to achieve the strategic aims of the Academy.