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Virtual tour of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences now ready!


The study centres of the Academy of Security Sciences are located in Tallinn, Paikuse, Väike-Maarja, Meriküla and Narva where the school building, dorms and sports facilities are brought together in the same territory. The centres provide all the necessary means for sports, leisure as well as your studies. Our virtual tours give an overview of the learning environment and conditions – take a peek in the study centres in Tallinn, Narva, Paikuse and Väike-Maarja. Take a virtual tour around our centres and get a feel of the school life without actually going there. The tours feature exciting spaces and learning environments but also show what goes on in these rooms and what the instruction here is actually like. You can also peek into areas that remain closed to regular people and sometimes also the visitors to the academy.

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Virtual tour of Paikuse Study Centre

Virtual tour of Tallinn Study Centre

Virtual tour of Väike-Maarja Study Centre

Video of Narva Study Centre