Editorial Board


Editor-in-Chief Raul Savimaa

Executive editor Triin Rätsepp

Editor Lauri Vanamölder (publishing management)



Mark Galeotti, Institute of International Relations Prague, Senior Non-Resident Fellow (United Kingdom)

Triinu Kaldoja, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, Vice-rector of Development (Estonia)

Erkki Koort, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, Head of Internal Security Institute (Estonia)

Marek Link, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, Former Rector (Estonia)

Holger Nitsch, Bavarian University of Public Services, Department for Policing, Director of the Research Institute CEPOLIS (Germany)

Kerly Randlane, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, Head of Financial College (Estonia)

Jüri Saar, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, Internal Security Institute, Researcher (Estonia)

Detlef Schroeder, Senior Consultant, Former Executive Director of CEPOL (Germany)

Gabriela Şerbănoiu, Alexandru Ioan Cuza Police Academy of Bucharest, Professor (Romania)

Mark Voyger, Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, Visiting Scholar (United States)

Matti Vuorensyrjä, Police University College, Researcher (Finland)


Membership application for Editorial Board and Reviewer

Estonian Academy of Security Sciences is always looking for new members to the editorial board and reviewers. Applicants must have at least Masters degree (or an equivalent degree) and at least 5 years work experience in the security or security related fields. Also, previous experience in editing and/or reviewing academic papers is a benefit. Please send your application and CV (including references to your publications) to: teadusinfo [at] sisekaitse.ee