Conference 2022

Conference 2022


The international conference by the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences:


On 30 November 2022 in Tallinn



Alexandru Caciuloiu “CEPOL - addressing the EU`s major security threats through specialized law enforcement training.”

Karmen Turk "Data Protection as a Security Blind Spot"

Kimmo Himberg “Developing security education across borders: Twinning projects as a vehicle”

Kristian Jaani “The Blind Spots of Security and the Ways Education Can Help Us to Face Them”

Leena Kaikkonen “The Future of Learning and Teaching”

Uwe Marquardt “Why does the German Police Chief Need a Master’s Degree?”

Vilard Bytyqi and Skender Agaj “The Experience of an External Partner in the Development of Internal Security Education through International Cooperation”


The conference were held online and at the Conference Center of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences at 61 Kase Street, Tallinn, Estonia.


The conference explored security from the perspective of education in and outside Estonia.

The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences celebrated its 30th anniversary as the only local education provider in the area of security. According to the expectations set in the Estonian educational development plan for 2035, the social value of education must be reflected in the increased cohesion, security, flexibility, creativity and innovation capacity allowing to cope in the rapidly changing world as well as in crisis situations. In the current security situation, we are bound to ask if the education provided can ensure the security of the state, what the potential risks and changes are and what aspects we should consider. What are the blind spots of the field of security and how can education and training help us to face them? Is security education only a national concern or a priority requiring cross-border attention?

The role of education in ensuring internal security encompasses much more than merely the area of security. The decisions we make in education today will affect our security for the next decades. 

At the conference, we discussed the ways to ensure a safe future, the role of learning and teaching, how the education provided in schools today will affect our security in the future, which competences must be developed and which dangers must be considered as well as many other issues related to security and education.





On the day following the conference,  on 1 December, there was possibility to visit the study centres of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences in Paikuse and Väike-Maarja. Paikuse study centre mainly provides instruction for the specialities of police and border guard service and the study centre in Väike-Maarja in the area of rescue service. The trip will include an overview of the curricula, the integrated education model and joint trainings, the training grounds and the respective methodologies, cooperation with partner organisations and much more. We will also talk about the possibilities for foreign students to study and/or do their internship in Estonia as well as our cooperation opportunities in general. The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences will launch the international module for foreign students again next fall and we will provide information on the application and instruction process.  

Target group: lecturers of partner organisations, curriculum developers, international relations specialists, Erasmus+ coordinators etc.

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