General contacts

The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

EASS main building in Tallinn

Kase 61, 12012, Tallinn
Registration code: 70004465
Phone: +372 6126800
E-mail: info [at]
Skype: Academy

Mr Marek Link
E-Mail: Marek.Link [at]
Tel: (+372) 55593882

Vice-rector of Development and Innovation
Ms Triinu Kaldoja
E-Mail: triinu.kaldoja [at]
Tel: (+372) 55696300

For press inquiries
Please contact the Communications Department: kommunikatsioon [at]


How to arrive?

Driving on the road along the Pirita Kose road to turn right and to follow the direction indicated. Arrives in the fifth line of the bus when the drive Hazel stop and come up through the middle of the grove housing projects at the academy.


How to arrive by bus?

Take the bus number 5 from the city centre direction 'Metsakooli'. The bus has several stops in the city center. For example stop 'Viru'. To see the stop on the map click here. Get off at stop "Sarapuu". Do not cross the street and go through the park. After the small park you will see some red-bricked houses a rounded by the fence. Follow the fence until you are walking on Kase street. There is also a sign "Sisekaitseakadeemia". If you are walking on the Kase street find the main entrance.

EASS in Paikusemaja2

The Police and Border Guard College of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences in Paikuse

Kooli tee 12

86602 Paikuse, Pärnu


Phone: +372 447 6700, +372 50 15 819

E-mail: info_ppk [at]

EASS in Väike-Maarjavm

The Rescue College of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences in Väike-Maarja

J. Liivi 6

462025 Väike-Maarja



Phone: +372 3228450

E-mail: paula.vaab [at]

EASS in Narva


Paul Kerese 14, Narva,



Phone: + 372 5770 2834 (E-R 8.00-17.00)

E-mailliina.tumanov [at]


Muraste koertekoolThe Service Dogs Training Centre of the The Police and Border Guard College

Tilgu tee 55c

76905 Muraste küla

Harku vald, Harju maakond


Phone: +372 670 7461

E-mail: jyri.pajusoo [at]