International Conference "Multilingualism as a Key to Success" 5 March 2015


The Language Centre of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences is holding the 4th International Conference „Multilingualism as a Key to Success“.


Programme of the conference

09.00 - 09.30 Gathering, coffee
09.30 - 09.45 Lauri Tabur, Rector of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences - Opening remarks, welcome to the Academy
Elen Laanemaa, Head of the Language Centre

09.45 - 10.45 Plenary session 1
Dania-Lara Trofil (The Institute of Studies for Public Order, Romania)
The multiplicity of languages as professional competence for the Ministry of Internal Affairs Personnel: the promise and the challenge

10.45 - 11.45 Plenary session 2
Colm Doyle (Tallinn University, Estonia)
Fostering and doing multilingualism: the family and the individual

11.45 - 12.45 Plenary session 3
Ioana Bordeianu(“A.Iancu” Border Police School of Training Agents, Oradea, Romania)

Different dimensions of multiculturalism

12.45 - 13.45 Lunch

13.45 - 14.30 Workshops

1. The Challenges and Benefits of Multilingual Learning in Tallinn Health Care College in the Example of Nursing Students. Kateriina Rannula, Elle Sõrmus (Tallinn Health Care College)

2. Multilingualism as a key to success. Emma Bachmann (The Academy of Security Sciences)

14.30 – 14.50 Coffee break. Book sale.

14.50 - 15.35 Workshops
3. The Testing of Reading: Relationship between the text and reading comprehension question types. Merit Kompus, Gerli Kuhi, Marju Laurits (Estonian National Defence College)

4. Language Course for Exchange Students (18 Languages of the EU Member-States + Russian and Esperanto on Mobile devices). David Ajanjan

15.40 - 16.15 Conclusions