Learning agreement

Here is some additional information on sigining and changing your Learning Agreement: 

  • Before starting your studies at EASS it is obligatory to sign a learning agreement, which will guarantee the suitability of the subjects taken at the host-university. Deadline for signing the LA is 1st of June 2021. From Autumn Semester 2021 we are accepting Online Learning Agreements (OLA).
  • It is strongly advised to take at least 20 ECTS per semester at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences. As EASS is co-operating with Tallinn University of Applied Sciences and the Tallinn Health Care College, all students are allowed to take 1-2 subjects from our partners. The ECTS taken there are fully recognized as part of your studies at EASS;
  • The learning agreement along with annexes must match the transcript of records of the studies completed abroad, i.e. the planned and the actual list of subjects must match;
  • Cancelling subjects in the learning agreement: if the student wishes to cancel participation in (a) subject(s) specified in the original learning agreement: the student draws up the changes to the original proposed learning agreement, excluding a subject from the agreement and coordinating the changes to the original proposed learning agreement as described above. NB! If you want to cancel subjects specified in the original learning agreement, you do not need to submit any additional study plan.