Partner universities and Networks

The Academy cooperates with more than 30 internal security related educational institutions via conducting common activities in CEPOL and FRONTEX. The first one focuses on police and the second on border guard education. The volume of the CEPOL Master’s programme is 60 credit points,  and at graduation, the alumni are issued a diploma of a Spanish partner institution of higher education. In the consortium, there are 30 institutions of higher education. 

In cooperation with Frontex and five institutions of higher education from four EU member states, the EASS organises a common border management related Master’s programme for the current and future managers of the area of border guard. In addition to Estonia, learning activities are conducted in Latvia, the Netherlands, Lithuania and at two Spanish universities. The volume of the Master’s programme is 90 credit points, and at graduation, the consortium issues a common diploma.  

There are approximately 160 different valuable international contacts both in Estonia or abroad with whom we have cooperated with since 2007. 30 of those contacts include different international organisations and institutions.  

Among other valuable cooperation partners, the most sustainable relations have been with:  

As well the Ministries of Internal Affairs – as one of the implementers of intergovernmental cooperation agreements – from Finland, Austria, Latvia, Germany, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Hungary, and the government of the United States of America.