Conference 2021

Konverents 21 ENG

The international conference by the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences:


On 1-2 December 2021  


Day 1
Day 2


 It will be 30 years from the Estonian Restoration of Independence in August 2021. On the one hand, it has been a long journey; on the other hand, it has been a fast journey, much faster than in other countries in similar positions. We can say that it is safe and secure to live in Estonia. But how did this feeling develop, and what has changed in European security in these 30 years? What has been the role of internal security institutions and the EASS in the development of security?  

At the conference, we will focus on changes that have influenced Estonia´s safety in the context of global security: how security and safety in Europe have evolved in the past 30 years; what the journey of developing its internal security has been like for Estonia, where we are today and what lessons we could share with countries still developing its internal security. 

We will take a look into the future to discuss what the next 30 years will bring for Europe and Estonia and how to ensure the sustainability of our internal security and feeling of safeness. 

The first day of the conference has a special significance as on December 1st, Estonia celebrates the day of internal security to honour police officers, rescuers, servicemen and everyone else involved in protecting Estonia and its citizens.The conference will take place on Dec 1-2, 2021, at the EASS Conference Centre, Kase 61.



30 years of independent Estonia  

Growth to freedom: the story of the evolution of internal security, Estonia´s background in security 

The road of development and the image of Estonia in NATO and the EU 

Estonia as a mature country holding the presidency of the Council of the EU 

The security and safety of Europe; the story of evolution 

Would security be possible without Europe? 

Who are building their internal security at present and what can be learned from us?

The new future of security in Estonia, Europe, and world (panel discussion) 

The role of a small state in global security

The role of volunteering in future internal security

Life after plague - restart 


These and many more questions will be discussed at the Conference.




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