Training Module

The aim of the Training Module (TM) is to train and instruct all persons involved how they can best organize their own Trials. This means that the TM should explain how to make best use of the pan-European DRIVER+ Test-bed:

  • How to use the DRIVER+ Trial Guidance Methodology (TGM).  
  • How to use the supportive methods and tools.
  • To make reference to the pan-European network of fellow Test-bed users and organizations that can deliver Test-bed support.

Because all this together is a quite a complex and elaborate story, the learning content is to be split in several sessions, which can each be divided again in sub-sessions. This division makes it possible to train each topic in an achievable time-frame, making it feasible for the target groups of learners to go through each topic (i.e. sub-session) step-by-step and spread over time (e.g. during free evenings at home or during some allocated hours at work). This division in sub-sessions is also useful, as different types of persons involved in organization of a Trial will have different needs or topics they are most interested in.

TM consists of both an e-learning part and an instructor-led contact-phase, as training how to apply the TGM best is seen as too complex to be correctly conveyed using e-learning only and because learners have expressed that they would feel more comfortable using the TGM when the TM (also) offers face-to-face contact with fellow learners, other Trial organisers and TGM experts.

EASS’s Moodle platform is used to host the e-learning part and the instructor materials for the contact-phase.

Please follow the step-by-step guide on how to do a Moodle account.