Why study at the EASS?

Why come to study at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences?

The EASS has worked out a specific module for all Erasmus+ students obtaining a degree in the field of internal security.

• The International module comprises subjects taught in a foreign language, and the subjects cover the entire field of internal security and give the foreign students an excellent opportunity to study together with our Estonian students and integrate into the social community of the EASS.

• We pay a lot of attention to the development of learning methodologies and innovative approaches. Our new building is a perfect example of how modern technological solutions such as virtual, augmented and hybrid reality training environments boost the learning and training

• Managing smaller groups of students allows us to adopt a more personal and systematic approach that you don’t see in large universities.

• At the EASS, we implement a tutoring system which means that our cadets help the exchange students upon their arrival, during their stay here and with their integration into our community in general.

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If you have any questions, please contact us: erasmus [at] sisekaitse.ee

Next application period will be March 2025. 

And more information about the Erasmus+ programme on Erasmus+ EC website.


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