Pan-European Network of Centre of Expertise (CoE)

Together with partners accross Europe we have established a wide pan-European Network of Centre of Expertise (CoE)*:

  • Entente Valabre (France)
  • The Main School of Fire Service (SGSP, Poland)
  • Lithuanian Cybercrime Center of Excellence for Training, Research and Education (L3CE) (Lithuania)
  • The Resilience Advisors Network (RAN, Ireland)
  • The Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)
  • Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, (EASS, Estonia
  • Austrian Red Cross (ARC, Austria)

A Centre of Expertise (CoE) is an organisation operating in the domain of Crisis Management and Disaster Risk Reduction that acts as the primary contact point for practitioner organisations at the national or regional level, supporting their capability development and innovation management. A CoE may choose to adopt either the whole suite of DRIVER+ outputs or only some of its components.