Programm 2023

Estonian Civil Protection Conference 2023

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Wednesday 11 October 2023


Arrival and morning coffee


Opening remarks
Urmas Vaino, moderator

Lauri Läänemets, Minister of the Interior of Estonia


Kuno Tammearu, rector of Estonian Academy of Security Sciendces
"Where does Civil Protection Begin?"


Panel discussion "The Era of Crises: the Beginning or the End?"
The panel chaired by Erkki Koort (EASS)
Panellists Taimar Peterkop, Mati Raidma, Margo Klaos, Egert Belitšev


Stretch break


Hans Das, Director for Emergency Management and rescEU (DG ECHO) 
“The evolving risk landscape and its implications for European civil protection and crisis management”? 


Regina Below, Centre for research on the Epidemiology of Disaster (CRED), University of Louvain (Belgium)
"EM-DAT database and related activities" 


K. Harald Drager, TIEMS (The International Emergency Management Society) president (Norway)
"The Role of Science in Crises: How to Make Wise Decisions?"


Maarja Kruusmaa, TalTech professor, European Commission’s Chief Scientific Advisor  (Estonia)
"The Future of Crises: How to Prepare for Unknown Crises?"


Lunch break


Oleksandr Vasylchenko, colonel, head of the Criminal Police of Chernihiv Oblast (Ukraine)
"Challenges for the Police in Protecting Residence during the War: A Ukrainian Case Study"


Jussi Korhonen, Director, Civil Emergency Preparedness, Ministry of the Interior of Finland
"Has the War in Ukraine and Accession to NATO Brought Changes to Civil Protection?"


Tiina Ristmäe, EU project coordinator, German Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) (Estonia and EU)
"Security research  and innovation from the end user perspective. German experience. "


Stretch break


Galina Danilišina, Adviser on vital services, State Chancellery (Estonia)
"Availability of vital services: Are our services more efficient?"


Hergo Tasuja, Mayor of Hiiumaa municipality, Estonia
"The State and the Community: Who will Help Whom?"


Martti Magnus, Leader of the CREVEX exercise, adviser to the Ministry of the Interior (Estonia)
"Crisis Management Exercise CREVEX: Are we Ready?"


Introduction of the special issue of civil protection of the research journal "Turvalisuskompass"
Jaanika Puusalu, 


Summing up the first day of the conference

THURSDAY 12 October 2023

Parallel sessions


Arrival and morning coffee

9.30 Opening words by the moderator Ingrid Vetka, vice rector of Estonian Academy of Security Sciendces


Session 1  " Informing the public before and during the crisis: what risks we as a state are preparing for and how the crisis information reaches our people"

Moderator Viola Murd, Deputy Secretary General for Rescue, Emergency Services and Crisis Management of the Ministry of the Interior 

Marek Kohv - Head of Analysis of the Government Office Situation Centre 
Laura Hiietamm - Service Manager of Single Point of Information 
Elisa Jakson - Development Specialist of women's voluntary defence organization (Naiskodukaitse) and one of the developers of the app "Ole valmis!" 
Janek Murakas- crisis manager of the Estonian Emergency Response Centre

Only in estionian (no translation)


Session 2  "Security in Conflicts: Protection of Residents and the Effects of War"

Moderator Tuuli Räim, Head of Crisis Department, Rescue Board 

Lea Vainult – advisor, Government Office 
Eero Rebo – Colonel, head of the headquarters of Estonian Defence League 
Veiko Kommusaar - Deputy Director General at Police and Border Guard Board for Border Management

Translation into english


Session 3 "Practical workshop: IT in civil protection - what is missing from the picture?" 
Sessionp led by: Marti Lung, SMIT Deputy General Manager for Business Services
Mihkel Toomas Välimäe, product owner of SMIT's rescue and emergency services department

Only in estionian (no translation)




Session 4 "Crossing the Limits of Crises: Innovation in Science and Education for the Next 30 Years"

Workshop led by: Raul Savimaa, researcher and head of the Research Centre of the Internal Security Institute of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences 

Kristi Anniste- Estonian Contact Point of the European Migration Network, Estonian Academy of Security Sciences 
Priit Suve- professor at the Centre of Law and Social Sciences at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences 
Grete Arro- researcher at the School of Educational Sciences, advisor of educational psychology at the Ministry of Education and Research 

Translation into english


Session 5 "Captivated by vital services: to be free from addiction or not?"

Moderator Galina Danilišina, adviser on vital services, Government Office 

Andreas Meister – head of risk, Telia 
Märt Ots – head of Safety Investigation Bureau 
Markus Kirsberg – former board member of HK SCAN Baltics 
Rainer Olt – Head of Payment and Settlement Systems Department, Bank of Estonia 
Marek Kohv – Head of Analysis of the Government Office Situation Centre 

Only in estionian (no translation)


Session 6 "Local Governments as an Important Resource in Helping the Residents?"

Moderator Maido Nõlvak, head of local government Rakvere 

Triin Varek – Mayor of Rakvere 
Jaanus Barkala – head of local government Otepää 
Riivo Noor – head of local government Anija 
Uno Paas – advisor, city of Keila  

Only in estionian (no translation)

13.30 Summing up the workshops


Closing the conference