User information

User Registration

Since the library of the EASS is specialized library there are some limitations for registering as a user. You can register as a user, when you are:

  • a student of the EASS (including ERASMUS student in the EASS)
  • a employee of the EASS
  • a employee of our cooperation partner (for example Estonian Ministry of the Interior)

If you are a student in another university or you are interested in the literature of our library, you can use the items on spot, but you cannot register as a user and therefore you have no borrowing right in the library of the EASS.


Loan periods

The loan periods in our libraries in the field of internal security are as follows:

  • 365 days for the employees of the EASS
  • 100 days for students and for employees of cooperation partners


Overdue fines

The library has the right to request a fine, when a user has not renewed the loaning period on time - 0.05 € per day for each item.