The Financial College becomes a member of International Network of Customs Universities

Financial college staff

As a result of a long application process, the Financial College of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences became a member of the International Network of Customs Universities INCU.


The aim of the network is to raise the academic profile of the customs profession through the development and promotion of educational programs. The awareness of the speciality of customs is developed through various academic and applied research studies. The activities of the network provide customs agencies with intellectual input while the mutual cooperation between the researchers and practitioners contributes to the development of either field.

The Financial College values the membership highly. On the one hand, it allows us to increase the level of the instruction provided and, on the other hand, it also opens many doors to internationalisation. The latter, in turn, will have a more comprehensive effect on the quality of the college.

Further information on the network can be found on their website Our college is included in the list of partner organisations:

In the photo (from right): Director of College Kerly Randlane, lecturer Maret Güldenkoh, lecturer Marika Kaselo, academic assistant Ulvi Lahe, lecturer Helle Koitla, leading specialist of degree studies Liina Sieberk and professor Indrek Saar. (Photo: Priit Põiklik)