Academic journal Security Spectrum is waiting for manuscripts


The editorial board of the English-language annual academic journal Security Spectrum: Journal of Advanced Security Research, which is published twice a year, is once again waiting for the manuscripts of articles for the new issue!

Security Spectrum is a non-profit academic journal that publishes well-documented and analyzed studies on the full range of contemporary security issues, especially internal security and law enforcement related topics. Until the year 2023, the journal was known as Proceedings of Estonian Academy of Security Sciences. The journal is a peer-reviewed  academic journal, that since the year 2024 appears twice a year. So far the journal has been published once a year. Security Spectrum does not charge a publication fee. 

The 24th issue will be published at the end of 2024 and focuses on the emerging large-scale security challenges and difficulties posed by migration, and explores the links between migration and internal security. Subtitle of next edition is "Challenges to security arising from migration: exploring the nexus between migration and security". 

Please send the article in English (with its annexes) for pre-reviewing no later than 31st of May 2024 to teadusinfo [at]

You can find the editorial policy of the magazine and more detailed information HERE.

Please share the information also with your colleagues, partners and students, who might be interested!