five prison workers

Studying on the speciality of corrections provides students with modern knowledge to work in the Estonian prison system as mid and high level prison officials. An applied approach to the subjects of law, administration, management, social sciences and psychology helps to solve difficult area-specific problems. Since internship has a relatively great proportion in the curriculum, the students acquire the skills necessary for working in the area.

Graduates of the college are issued a professional higher education diploma and guaranteed a stable and safe job in the prison system. Their position is of class II inspector the least. The prison system values people with speciality-related education. For example, when a person’s professional qualification raises a level, their salary can be increased by up to a third. Students can apply for a student loan. Graduates of the speciality of corrections can continue their studies on the Master’s level.

While studying, the students of the College of Justice are entitled to the national stipend. In addition to that, students may also be entitled to the departmental stipend – provided they do not work during their studies, their weighted grade point average is above 3.4 and they participate in at least 80% of the learning activities. The total of the stipends is at least 460 euros a month.

Only full time studying is possible on the curriculum for corrections. The length of the studies is 3 years, the volume of the subjects is 180 ECTS. Learning activities are conducted in the form of daytime learning and the language of instruction is Estonian.

Those who would like to commence their studies on the curriculum for corrections, may already work in the prison system, but everybody else is welcome too. Admission to the speciality of corrections is conducted only through public competition. It means that the ones already working in the prison system have to take the same tests and they appear in the same scoring list as other candidates.