Internal Security Institute

The main objective of the Internal Security Institute is to provide internal security related education on the Master’s level. In addition to that, the Institute also conducts research and development activities.



The first students to acquire Master’s degree in internal security at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences were admitted in 2009 and this was also the year the Institute was established.

Internal Security Institute prepares managers and specialists for the area of internal security in Estonia. In the current difficult security situation, the need for them does not seem to fade. Our students either already work or after their graduation start working either in the Ministry of the Interior and its agencies or in other ministries and their areas of administration, or in the private sector. Therefore, besides acquiring excellent knowledge, the student also can form an extensive network of contacts.

In addition to the teaching staff of the EASS, the lecturers of the ISI also include the best Estonian and foreign specialists. The theses that have been defended at the Institute have been on very different topics, therefore, it can be said that the students’ needs for professional fulfilment can be achieved through their studies and theses – the needed skills are mostly taught by the lecturers of the Centre for Legal and Social Sciences. It can also be said that the theses written at the ISI form a considerable part of the applied researches conducted at the EASS.

In spring 2016, the hundredth person finished the Master’s programme.

In autumn 2016, the internal security Master’s programme received international accreditation and the Centre for Legal and Social Sciences was merged with the Internal Security Institute.