The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences (EASS) celebrated the International Day of Student Sport with an international competition 


The International Day of Student Sport is annually celebrated on 20 September and the Academy has also set its sports day on the given date. We, of course, make overviews of the day for our students and employees, however, we would also like to share the data within the Healthy Campus programme. 

This time, the competition even reached the US as we competed in several sports with the University of Alabama - Huntsville and the results of the first places by category were as follows: 

  • Basketball free throws in one minute: students of EASS 13, employees 12, students of Huntsville 11, professors 6, other employees 13. The total number of competitors from the two schools was 102. 
  • Indoor rowing on an ergometer: students of EASS 30.1s, employees 30.9s, students of Huntsville 31.1s, professors 40s, other employees 35s. The total number of competitors from the two schools was 134. 
  • 500M indoor cycling: students of EASS 26.6s, employees 34.05s, students of Huntsville 32s, professors 33s, other employees 36s. There were 77 students and employees participating from the EASS and Alabama Huntsville. 

The competitions were held in several EASS campus sites – in addition to Tallinn also in our study centres in Paikuse and Väike-Maarja. The competition in Tallinn was unofficially participated also by our alumnus and Olympic athlete Allar Raja whose result in rowing was 29.8s and in cycling 26.26. It was great to compete with him again! 

According to the programme coordinator Noemi Zaharia providing the US results, the competition generated excitement also there and at least the professors are already discussing how to prepare better for next year’s competition. Similar competitions have been held at EASS also earlier, so it was not the first time for some of our students and employees to put their abilities to the test. Then again, we were happy to see also numerous first-year students participating, with an additional international dimension given to the event by the active participation of our international ERASMUS students who also provided help in organising the competition. 

IDUS activities in EASS were supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

EASS representatives were similarly present at the MiniYliPall event held at Tartu University in the afternoon with our teams attending 3x3 basketball and blind volleyball competitions. We were loyally supported by our alumni, and once again our foreign students were included. 

As to the Healthy Campus Programme, we thus met the requirements for physical activity and sport as well as involving partners and alumni. In the course of the numerous joint activities, we got to know each other better, and all the goals that we did not reach in the first competition of the academic year may well be improved in the next trials of the coming year.