Police and Border Guard College


At the beginning of 2010, the Police and Border Guard Board was established, and it led to changes in the existing police and border guard related education. At the beginning of the same year, the Police College and the Border Guard College were merged.

The largest college of the Academy now bears the name of the Police and Border Guard College, and as a result of the merger, all the Border Guard and Police related education of the Republic of Estonia is concentrated in a single instruction unit.


New educational model

With regard to the merger of the colleges and with establishment of the Police and Border Guard Board, changes in the curriculum were implemented. The new educational model is for a two-tier education and prepares young colleagues capable of bringing their skills and knowledge to perform various law enforcement tasks in the field of border protection as well as the police.

The basic studies consist of a 3-year professional higher education, which is performed in the form of day studies. In distance studies, the officials already working in the Police and Border Guard and in prefectures can obtain higher education.

The second educational tier is the Master’s study, which is required for assuming a managerial position. The college also provides vocational training to prepare competent personnel for posts where higher education is not required.

Teaching takes place at the Police and Border Guard College of the Academy of Security Sciences located in the Paikuse School operated by the College. Rules of Procedure, which provide the mandatory code of conduct, apply to the cadets and staff of the College. Cadets are fully accommodated by the state and they are provided with very good conditions for learning and dealing with various sports activities.



Police and Border Guard College in Paikuse

Kooli tee 12
86602 Paikuse, Pärnu


Police and Border Guard College in Tallinn

Kase 61
12012 Tallinn