The new rector of the EASS is Kuno Tammearu

Kuno Tammearu

Minister of the Interior Lauri Läänemets signed an employment contract with the new rector of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences Kuno Tammearu. Tammearu will take office on 5 June.

Minister of the Interior Lauri Läänemets congratulated the new rector saying that the academy will undoubtedly get a worthy leader. “The Academy of Security Sciences is responsible for training specialists ensuring our sense of security as well as law and order on daily basis, in peace or in crisis. In addition to a good technical training, they also need to have a strong sense of mission and morality, and so my expectations for the new leader of the academy were extremely high. Kuno Tammearu has bold aims and, considering his knowledge and experience, I have no doubts that he can achieve them while also inspiring and motivating the staff and students of the academy behind him,” Läänemets stated.

“I wish him success and courage. I’m sure that Kuno is the right man in the right position. I would also like to thank all worthy applicants who thought of contributing to the future of the academy and applied for the position. It was thanks to you that we had an intense and meaningful competition,” Läänemets added.
According to Kuno Tammearu, he was motivated to apply for the position by the important role of the academy in ensuring Estonian internal security. “The Academy of Security Sciences is responsible for ensuring the most important aspects for our sector: a new generation of well-trained employees with a sense of mission as well as research and development work in order to make forward-looking decisions and select the right strategies,” Tammearu said.

Today is also the start of the enrolment period at the academy, so Kuno Tammearu invited all young people thinking about their career choices to consider joining the Academy of Security Sciences and the field of internal secutiy.
Tammearu has worked as the Director General of the Rescue Board since 2013, with his second term ending in April 2023. He has earlier worked for the Rescue Board as the Deputy Director General and the head of the rescue services.

He graduated from the Academy of Security Sciences and acquired his Master’s degree in public administration at Tallinn University of Technology and in strategic business management at Tartu University.
Tammearu has been awarded the Order of Merit of the Estonian Red Cross, Fourth Class, and the Order of Merit of the Estonian Red Cross, Second Class, similarly he has been awarded the Gold Cross of the Rescue Service.

There were altogether 7 applicants for the position of the rector of the academy, with a public debate held with the two applicants in the final round. The pre-selection was made by a committee including the Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-Generals of the Ministry of the Interior and the Deputy Secretary-Generals of the Ministries of Education and Research, Finance and Justice. The final decision was made and announced by the Minister of the Interior. The rector’s term of office will be five years.