Top level specialists of UN disaster assessment gather at the Rescue College

UNDACi meeskond staabis

From 26 to 31 August the Rescue College of the EASS holds a UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination refresher course (UNDAC Refresher Course). Participants will be of top level UN specialists from around the world.

The UNDAC refresher course is one of the main elements of the UN strategy for training its specialists. It helps to harmonise the content and quality of the work methods applied by the experts of different regions, and to plan and manage team work better. The aims of the course are to practice more efficient responding to potential disaster situation and to increase the UNDAC members’ and UNDAC support team’s capability to fulfil the set tasks. There will be 70 participants from seven international organisations and 17 different countries taking part in the course.

The Rescue College’s polygon will have four field headquarters where the teams will solve a disaster situation and related problems. The dilemmas and situations provided are realistic and related to the challenges of today’s world.

This course is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the development and humanitarian aid funds.