Reform wildlife trade in the European Union

A team of biologists, legal experts, and economists, including Professor Indrek Saar from the Financial College of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, proposes three measures in an article in Science to reform wildlife trade in the EU. The current system falls short in ensuring that trade is documented, legal, and sustainable, with potential consequences for the survival of the species involved.


The Estonian Academy of Security Sciences (EASS) celebrated the International Day of Student Sport with an international competition 

The International Day of Student Sport is annually celebrated on 20 September and the Academy has also set its sports day on the given date. We, of course, make overviews of the day for our students and employees, however, we would also like to share the data within the Healthy Campus programme. 


Frontex Leads Innovation to Secure EU Borders Against Low-Flying Threats

Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, is at the forefront of addressing the burgeoning challenge of low-flying object (LFO) detection at EU borders. The increasing prevalence of drones and other LFOs, used for illicit activities such as intelligence gathering and cross-border crime, necessitates advanced countermeasures to ensure the security of European borders.

Innovation Prize Award Contest