The Institute of Internal Security runs a Master’s programme for managers and specialists in the field of internal security, conducts applied research, and is the focal point of the academy in this area. The Master’s programme  is unique in Europe since it covers the complete sphere of internal security. The aim of the programme is to educate students whose competence includes the whole spectrum of internal security.

The broad-based approach provides future Master’s degree holders with better career opportunities at home and elsewhere in Europe. The curriculum is continuously being developed in close co-operation with the employers, partners and other colleges of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences.

The completed theses are academic research papers with a practical value, which also meet the agencies’ needs and expectations for professional research. International cooperation in the Institute of Internal Security achieved sustainability as a result of a cooperation development project «Knowledge-driven security», the aim was to provide the specialists of internal security with a chance to develop their professionalism and improve their qualification.

Cooperation with external partners and experts of the sphere continue with the aim to develop the curriculum of the Master’s programme. In the institute, we support the mobility of lecturers and students by creating more opportunities for student exchange and by organising staff lecturers’ and training visits to external partners. In addition to the academy’s lecturers, external lecturers are also involved in the work of the institute.

The institute established in 2009 is a structural unit in equal rights with colleges. In 2016, the Centre for Legal and Social Sciences was merged with the institute.


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