Centres of Excellence

Centre for Innovative Learning 

At EASS we believe that innovation is a foundation of learning. We value corporate culture where digital learning experts and professionals merge their competencies to design and develop modern learning environments and exercising possibilities. We help to transform information to experience. We develop and use different set of digital technologies to strengthen the management of resource-intensive tasks, crisis management and tactical and strategic management into one service while covering all internal security services With the use of an interactive 3D environment, its interfaces and logistics, it is possible to create bigger immersion for students to engage with authentic problem based situations. The given environment enables to roleplay through the whole chain of crisis management, should it be an event of an environmental catastrophe, road accident, sudden attack, riot or any other incident posing a threat either to people’s lives or property. Until now preparation for challenges like that have been very expensive and time-consuming, but digitally simulated study situations help to save time and increase the quality of the training at the same time. We also deal with different education technology developments to support our lecturers and trainers with new solutions. The selection ranges from full digital e-learning support of all EASS study programs up to specific areas like geoinformatics, augmented reality, UAV and robotic solutions. The EASS constantly cooperates with state agencies and services, such international agencies as CEPOL and FRONTEX. International cooperation enables us to exchange experience and best practices effectively when designing trainings, developing methodologies and evaluating trainings. Significant projects: GeoSka (geoinformatics for trainers), Fast and Efficient Asylum Procedure, TARGET (Training Augmented Reality Generalised Environment Toolkit, Horizon 2020), Roborder (development and demonstration of a fully-functional autonomous border surveillance system, Horizon 2020), Driver + (Driving Innovation in Crisis Management for European Resilience, Horizon 2020).

Centre for Continuing Education

EASS is the biggest provider of internal security training in Estonia. EASS provides professional training, training and retraining based on formal study, informal training, courses and services to develop Estonian occupational qualifications system. Continuing education is organized by Police and Border Guard College, Rescue College, Prison Service College and Center for Continuing Education. The main target groups are personnel of internal security working in ministries, boards and local governments, volunteers who contribute to internal security and people who wish to increase their competency in field of internal security. The courses are offered across Estonia in: » professional skills » civil and criminal law » governance and human rights » ethics and corruption » information security » professional languages With wide range of programmes and courses EASS provides opportunities for individuals to gain access to and succeed in their professional lives in public service. With two decades of experience, EASS has also great network of national and international connections. International cooperation includes active partnerships in the in-service training related activities of CEPOL and FRONTEX, as well as different projects in Eastern Partnership countries to develop their internal security competencies and democratic institutions.


Centre for Law and Social Sciences 

The main activity of the Centre for Law and Social Sciences is to teach the subjects belonging to the sphere of law and social sciences. Half of the subjects taught are introductory law subjects, and the other half are social sciences related subjects. There is also an important place for shaping the scientific way of thinking for the disciplines. The Centre for Law and Social Sciences actively takes part in research and development activities, which are mainly involved in supporting the field of internal security with legal and human asset related research. The lecturers have published articles both in Estonia and abroad.


Language Centre

The Language Centre conducts trainings in professional Estonian, English and Russian for: » students as future civil servants » employees of government agencies » ERASMUS students » employees of the EASS The Centre has been and is involved in CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), networking, testing and teacher mobility, and in train the trainers programme. Close cooperation between language teachers, speciality teachers and students is a precondition for effective professional language learning and teaching. The goal of the centre is to be a professional language training and testing centre.


Sports Centre

The Sports Centre is involved in the development of physical abilities’ tests and self-defense related guidelines for the various internal security departments in Estonia; it is also responsible for the management of inter-department and university sports activities. The Centre also participates in international cooperation in the field of physical abilities’ tests in rescue and police spheres and takes part in conferences of USPE (Union Sportive des Polices d’Europe) and FISU (International University Sports Federation). The Sports Centre conducts classes, manages and develops activities in the field of sports in the Academy and organizes teams for participation in local and international student competitions as well as Police and Prison Department competitions. Our academy’s athletes always participate in SELL Student Games – the most important students’ competition in the region. Both students and graduates have been members of Universiade Teams and Olympic Teams, and have won medals at the World Championships and Olympic Games.