Why study at EASS?

Why to study at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences?



9 reasons why to study at the EASS

1. Best place to exchange knowledge and share good practices in topics related with internal security
2. It is the Academy with own identity, tradition and history
3. The Academy retains a special place in Estonian academic landscape
4. High quality of teaching, best professionals and home-like atmosphere
5. Join active, helpful and encouraging student community at EASS
6. Experience dynamic learning environment, technologically advanced teaching aids and well equipped library
7. Great choice of subjects, activities for every student
8. Widen your future job opportunities with EASS
9. Start completely new chapter of your life and take an advantage of studying at EASS!

We appreciate your interest to study at Estonian Academy of Security Sciences. For ERASMUS exchange students we offer subjects in the field of Internal Security.


If you have any questions, please contact our ERASMUS+ coordinator:

Mrs. Kaisa Kägu
E-mail: kaisa.kagu [at] sisekaitse.ee
Tel: (+372) 6965405
Fax: (+372) 6965343
Room: A-211