Student Council

Maximizing the educational experience through sports competitions, the annual formal ball, sounding off through the school paper, dancing lessons, the band, and help when needed and organized parties are all part of the Student Council of the EASS – which represents the needs and interests of all students in the university. Most activities are organized by the Student Council, but students from different colleges also help, so everyone is involved.


Dealing with students’ problems is the main priority – members of the Student Council also participate in the Council of the Academy, where they can explain problems and concerns. Members are also given the opportunity to cooperate with other institutions in the academy.


The main task in the Student Council’s work is to make student life better – not only in school but also beyond it. Students want to get the best education possible, but they also want to chill out, let loose and relax – a well- motivated student is better and more active at school.

The Student Council also takes part in activities organized by other Universities around Estonia and especially around Tallinn – so there is plenty of time for studying and relaxing. Organized activities for the students provide possibilities for a better and more convenient life.