Tutoring system

The tutoring programme (sometimes also called the "mentor system" or "buddy system") main moto is “students helping students". More accurately - they are doing everything in their means to make Erasmus students' life in Tallinn as fulfilled as possible. Tutors are Estonian students studying at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

The programme consists in putting together Estonian and exchange students. We presume that very few foreign students speak communicative Estonian and would be thankful for a helping hand, at least in the first while after their arrival.

EASS tutors ("mentors" or "buddies", recruited from home students) are therefore supposed to pick up their foreign friends upon arrival in Tallinn, to take them to the students dormitory and to help them to arrange all the formalities

Apart from the assistance provided to the incoming student, the other goals of the tutoring programme are those of cultural and linguistic exchange and - often - making friends for life!!